Daily Creates

As always, I started my week off right… with some daily creates!!

My first daily create challenge was to show the view outside my window. Honestly, I didn’t have a great view that I wanted to share, but the week before was spring break, and I had many views I could share.

Over Spring Break, I went to Boone, North Carolina, with my boyfriend and we stayed in the mountains. On our first night there, it snowed and covered the camp grounds. It was terrifying because it was like the scene from the Shining! We had no visibility and we were honestly fearful that we were going to be stuck there.

Fortunately, once we drove a little down the mountain, the roads cleared up, and this was our view:

For my second daily create challenge, I was instructed to make a Missing “creature” poster for Big Foot! This was really fun for me, because I was able to show off my creativity on Canva. I love Canva. I highly recommend all my classmates try it out. It is super user friendly, and give a professional look to your work.

So I created this poster in Canva by searching through their templates and finding a missing pet template. I changed the colors around, and swapped out the text. I found the image of Big Foot, added it to the poster, and then threw in the footprint image as a final touch. I really like the way it turned out!

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