Daily Creates x2

This week I have been dying of allergies and rethinking ever leaving my house again. So having some daily creates brought some pollen-free sunshine to my week.

Day 1: This daily create was dedicated to librarians everywhere! I created the image on Canva and found the quote through a quick google search. All in all it took maybe ten minutes (mostly because I got sucked into all the quotes praising librarians).

I really liked this daily create, because I was to reminisce about all my school librarians. I was a military brat, so I transferred school A LOT. Each school always had this stand out librarian who made going to the library such a great experience. In high school, my favorite teacher (creative writing teacher) decided to leave our school because he found a job as a school librarian and I just remember thinking — YES! YOU DESERVE THIS! YOU’RE GOING TO BE GREAT!!

Day 2: By the time I made it to my second daily create, the pollen and me were still battling it out. Pollen stole my voice yesterday but I was determined (today) to recover my voice. The brightside? Another daily create! This daily create’s instructions were to consider what I would want to invent if I could go back in time and invent it myself. Honestly, I was stumped for a while. My family has joked for years that we invented pomegranate juice because POM did, but my dad didn’t think it would be profitable so he didn’t look into it. MISSED OPPORTUNITY. But, I wouldn’t want to invent that if I could go back and invent anything.

So I thought about the products I use throughout my day… my phone, my laptop, my car, etc. And I considered where I waste most of my expendable income. That’s right: Starbucks. Never in my life have I been a Gold member at Starbucks, but that all changed this year. Normally, I avoid Starbucks and make coffee at my house, but my final semester schedule is running me ragged and there isn’t time for anything. So I stop at Starbucks more than I would like to admit. Caffeine is my only solace, so like I deal with the hit to my bank. BUT if I could go back in time and invent Starbucks and replicate their business model, I could save so much money… and make SO MUCH MONEY. That’s just a win-win.

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