Final Project Summary

This week, Hannah Duncan, Morgan Roane, and me (Jasmine Alanis) completed all the elements to our final project.

We started off our project with collaborating ideas on a google doc.

We then laid out the responsibilities regarding each member’s contributions. I was in charge of writing out the plot of the final project, contributing audio recordings, making missing spy posters, and taking photos/editing photos of our spies finding out the the identity of the double agent. Hannah created the website that hosted all our posts, recorded audio of her spy speaking with the Directorate, and made the text conversation between her character and the Directorate. Morgan made audio recordings of her spy speaking with the Directorate, made a poster recruiting new spies, and she also made a short video that warned spies about the Directorate.

I thought it would be a good idea to break up the plot by doing three posts. We then decided which elements and mediums would go in each post so that each member contributed evenly.

The first post introduced the crisis.

The second post was an update on the crisis and identifying the enemy.

The final post was the solution to the crisis: finding out the identity of the double agent!

The missing spy posters I made we actually based on character dossiers from other DS106 students.

The first poster was actually already created by another student, and I added the “missing” stamp to it.

For the second and third poster, I created the images on canva and they were based on the character dossiers from other student’s posts.

The above spy character is that of Mia Tate, and below is of Joe Moore.

I then recorded audio of my spy character, Jess Carter, having a phone call with the Directorate.

I recorded my audio and edited it through audacity. I found the phone ringing sound through

Morgan’s audio:

Morgan’s recruitment poster:

Here are photos we took and I edited:

Hannah’s text image:

We would love for you to check out our final product and see how it all tied together. I had so much fun working with these ladies on another project! They are gems!

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