Mission Remix

My original mission idea:

DS106 agents have gone missing! We are losing more agents every hour! Create missing agent posters and find a way to bring our agents back home. Follow the clues on twitter to find out who is taking all of our agents.

The mission I would like to remix or even mashup with mine entails recruiting and training new DS106 agents. I think it would be awesome if we could do missing person posters for our agents and recruitment posters at the same time, like “we need you to join our agency, and help up solve the mystery of the missing agents.” Something like that.

So I think it would be cool if we started with an outline, a writing assignment of how we plan to persuade recruits. We can also make the posters the first week. During week one we decide whether or not our spy is the one of the spies abducted. We then take on the perspective of our spy or of the DS106 spy agency. We can work in group, like have the leftover spies that haven’t been abducted, work together to collaborate.

Week two will be videos of our spy’s being held hostage, or maybe a montage of clues. We could do audio recordings like of hostage calls/ransom calls.

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