Radio Show Ideas

  1. Professor interviews: Have professors discuss how they ended up at Mary Washington, their journey, and then have them prove that they aren’t actually a secret agent using “Professor” as their cover story. They can also share the time they suspected someone was a secret agent, and how they handled that.
  2. Review Bond Movies: This was be a series of episodes where we just discuss aspects of James Bond films, we could talk about lighting and the use of sound. And the spy genre in general, what makes it so great, what we dislike, or even the direction James Bond needs to go in (if it should change at all).
  3. Character meeting: Have all group members spy characters meet, make it similar to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where none of the spies know the other person is a spy. They have to talk about their day as their cover, but also try to trip up the other person or catch them in a lie.

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