Rogue Agents Present: Radio Show Update #2

This week, my amazing group met for the first time in person. We met in the library on Monday to organize and plan out our radio show.

Our meeting was very successful, we were together for nearly two hours. We finalized our idea on having our spy characters participate in a game show. We knew we wanted to have them play “two truths and lie,” but at this meeting, we decided to also have them play “would you rather,” and make some of them a bit more on theme. Finally, we scheduled out a meeting time to record.

We recorded our radio show on Thursday at 3:30, and it took less than an hour to accomplish. As we were recording, I realized how complex this actually was. We had to make sure the rooms around us were quiet enough that the mic didn’t pick up their sound. We had to set up the mic (thank you HCC). We had a rough script, but I definitely got lost as some points and froze. thankfully, I knew we would cut out those bits and try again. There’s just so much to consider when it comes to hosting a radio show, it’s far more work and effort than I originally considered.

We recorded everything through a microphone, and then transferred the files into audacity. Hannah was kind enough to do all the audio editing since she felt the most confident in her abilities. She managed to edit everything in less than two hours!!!!! I cannot stress that enough, because she did so much to make the audio stable, add effects to our voices, add background music, clip segments and bumpers and commercials. It turned out amazing

This week, I finalized our poster, banner, and sticker we used for our Soundcloud. I created these images on canva. I made the background a navy blue color, added the text, changes the coloring of the radio and speakers at the bottom, and added the top secret seal and a fitting touch to our theme. I am so thrilled with how they turned out.

Soundcloud sticker

Radio Show Progress: Second blog post summarizing your radio show process and progress. Tag: radioshowweek2

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