Vivid Dreams

So I have experienced a few vidid dreams in the past, and usually they were nightmares, but occasionally I will have this amazing dream where I am back in Okinawa, Japan.

It always starts with me on the plane, I wake up from my sleep and tell my sister that I am so surprised I slept the 14 hour flight. Suddenly, we are back on the streets in American Village, and we are heading to the beach. I can smell the saltwater. I tell her that I want to eat sushi and she insists we stop at the grocery store first. I agree because I want to pick up snacks and a coffee. On our way there we run into old friends that used to live on the island with us. They take us back to our old house and so much has changed about the neighborhood, but I can still picture the way it used to be. And at this point I realize I am dreaming and I wake up.

The dream only feels like it lasts a minute but it feels so real.

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