Week 13 Summary – Project Outline

This week, my super awesome radio show group (Rogue Agents) decided to reunite for our final project! Our group consists of Hannah Duncan, Morgan Roane, and me (Jasmine Alanis).

We decided to outline our ideas on a google doc.

Essentially, we plan on telling a larger story with many mediums. Our first assignment will be a post where we describe the crisis at hand – DS106 agents are being abducted. Within this post there will be missing person posters of DS106 spy characters.

Our next assignment will involve audio recordings of phone conversations that reveal The Directorate is abducting spies that refuse to become double agents.

After that, our characters will reach out for help, creating posters or using another medium to try to recruit new spies. We need anyone we can get!W

Later, we determine that one of us is a double agent! Each group member will write a post from the perspective of their spy that will document their suspicion about which spy is a traitor. This will include photographic evidence as to why they believe this spy is a double agent. Photos do not have to be particularly suspicious, they could be completely ordinary but the spy has to show a high level of paranoia if they decide to take this route.

To continue The Directorate threat storyline, we will make additional visuals, like a ransom note threatening to kill the abducted spies if we don’t pay $1,000,000.

And FINALLY, we reveal the double agent. This will most likely be done in a video. We have brainstormed that two of us could confront the traitorous spy.

By the end of the final project, all mediums should be used that we learned about in this course. There will be design, audio, visuals, videos, mashups, and writing assignments.

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