Weekly Summary: 12

This week, pollen not only tried to kill me, but it tried to steal my voice this week. It was successful for two days. It’s been fun.

SO, as miserable as I felt, I still started my week off right with some daily creates. I highly recommend head over to that post, because I have some killer commentary about my daily creates.



For my next assignment, I made a tutorial for an assignment I completed a few weeks ago. This tutorial detailed the steps required to make a BuzzFeed Personality Quiz. When I first made the quiz, it took me close to an hour before I figured out how to actually get to the right link, and then navigate correctly. I followed a tutorial on how to make the quiz, but it was out of date and nothing was matching up.

I’m hoping that my tutorial will be helpful and save some future DS106 students some time.

For my first mashup assignment, I made a movie trailer for my favorite movie ever: The Iron Giant.

Like I said in my actual post regarding this assignment, I created the video by downloading clips from youtube and editing them together in iMovie.

Trailer for Iron Giant from Jasmine Alanis on Vimeo.

My next mashup assignment, I put a superhero in an everyday situation… both definitions of “everyday”:

I created both of these images on Canva. I found the Iron Man image through a quick google search, and picked one with a transparent background. I uploaded the Iron Man image into Canva and placed it on top of the two backgrounds you see in the images.

For my final mashup assignment, I did a Logo Switch Up:

This one was fun for me because I was able to mashup my favorite show growing up and my favorite show now.

Moving on to the Remixes!

I made a missing person’s poster for Dr. Oblivion, with a remix of a mustache, and another demotivation poster with a remix of Dr. Seuss:

Finally, I shared my mission remix idea. I really enjoy the idea of using our last two weeks to recruit the next batch of DS106 agents!

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