Weekly Summary #8

This week my group (Rogue Agents) met for the first time, planned out our radio show, recorded, and finished a day early! This has been quite the week, so let’s dive a little deeper!

Daily Creates

As I have stated before, daily creates are my absolute favorite. They allow me to be creative and are quick assignments that make me feel like I am accomplishing something. This week, I made two daily creates:

First: As stated in my linked post, this image was taken in Boone, North Carolina! The view was epic and freezing!

Second: I created this image through canva, to read more about that process, feel free to hop on that post.

Radio Show Progress #2

So, as stated earlier, my group met for the first time. I really liked my group members. They were down to meet early in the week, strategize, and divide up the work. We worked within a google doc to keep all of our content organized and available to all members. Each member contributed some unique ideas for our radio show, and most of those ideas ended up in our radio show!

I made a poster, sticker, and banner for our show. I kept the theme the same on each. My group members were really supportive and allowed me to take this part over. As I stated in the post that detailed my process, I made these images through Canva! I love Canva. This has been the most useful tool for me during my entire college experience.

If anyone would like to listen to our radio show, here it is!

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